How should we begin?

When planning a funeral there are a number of decisions which need to be made.

At Varley & Varley we offer a unique service. At what can be a distressing time, we understand the need for the reassuring and comforting presence of your family and loved ones, so our funeral arranger will visit you at home and assist you through the planning process.

Varley & Varley can liaise on your behalf with any necessary authorities including ministers, hospitals, HM coroners, clergy, cemeteries and crematoria and any necessary third parties.

As a family business, we assure the conveyance of your loved one into our care and safe premises in private chapels of rest nearest you, is made compassionately.

We’re available to you 24/7 and want to hear from you as soon as you’re ready, so we can, if appropriate, offer comfort and advise you in the best possible way.

We are a family run business. Mr Varley himself will be your point of contact and also your funeral director on the day of the ceremony.

Varley & Varley pride ourselves on giving the most personable service in the business. Get in touch on 0203 674 8700.