Unfortunately I lost my husband in January. I contacted Varley and Varley and through such difficult times they were compassionate and professional the entire time. The fact that I didn’t have to walk into a shop and it was all done at my home made everything so much more personal. Thank you so much for treating us like family through it all. Kindest regards, Joyce”

When my wife died suddenly I didn’t know what to do. I had never dealt with such ┬átragic loss in my life. A friend of mine recommended Varley and Varley. The biggest positive was that having Mr.Varley come to do all the arrangements and meetings at my home meant that I didn’t have to make the step into walking into a funeral directors. The idea filled me with dread, but having Varley and Varley made it that much easier and my wife got the funeral she deserved while I had the time that I needed during my most traumatic experience of my life. Thank you so much, Luiz”

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